A gloriously illustrated children's book celebrating the relationship between a grandparent and child that explores imaginative story telling and celebrates the extended family relationship. Be transported on an adventure to the moon on Grandma's Rocket Ship. It's a wild ride. Collect rainbow moon dust and search for the elusive man on the moon.

Lovingly written by Merelyn Carter and beautifully illustrated by the award winning Ester de Boer, this book will be a favourite on any child's book shelf.

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The Story Of My Life
faith, hope, love & a little bit crazy

She is a mother, mentor, musician. An award winning songwriter, Golden Guitar winner and healer. She has been a single mother living below the poverty line holding down seven jobs at one time to make ends meet. She has fought and survived both the Ash Wednesday and Black Saturday fires. She almost lost her Dad to a drunk driver and almost lost her own life in a high speed accident.

This is the story of her life, coloured with eclectic and anecdotal moments, recipes and even some of her favourite environmentally friendly tips. It’s less about what she’s done, and more about who she is.

It’s heartwarming, honest, revealing, humourous and sometimes even wacky – just like Merelyn herself.

Bonus 6 Track CD Included

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Every now and then someone takes the chance to reveal the deepest part of their soul to the world. Taking away the masks, barriers and filters, removing the fear of not being liked. Opening their heart and allowing themselves to be vulnerable. Giving of themselves without regret, all with the hope of reaching out to other hearts and souls and making a difference.

Merelyn Carter is one such person with her first book The Deepest Part Of Me

Carter & Carter, named the Independent Australian Country Artists of the Decade, are passionate song writers who have written many of their #1 hits. It is through songs like Lead Me Home, Dance In The Rain, Play That Song, Candlelight And Kisses, Ride, God Didn’t Make Mistakes, The Best Things In Life Are Free, Run Away, Slow Dancing At Midnight and so many more, that they have won the hearts and minds of fans all around the world, while also becoming one of the most successful duo’s in Australian Country Music.

This book gives a glimpse behind the inspiration that led Carter & Carter to write their songs. Not just their singles - all their songs. From the timeless story of their very first #1 hit Dance Away The Night, to the humour of One Of Those Days, the celebration of Dance In The Rain to the heartbreak of Surviving Black Saturday, you’ll read the indepth stories that inspired each song. And not just Carter & Carter’s stories. Also included are stories sent in by friends & fans whose lives have been touched by a Carter & Carter song.

Guaranteed to make you laugh and cry, Carter & Carter’s - ‘stories behind the songs’ is a very personal look into the stories that became the songs, and the hearts they touched.

A song is like a snap shot of life that changes with each listener. Music is our soul, Songs are our stories.
Merelyn & David

Inspirational Reflections
for your life’s journey

Merelyn Carter writes with a passion to encourage others to live happy, healthy and productive lives, getting to the core of everyday matters that help us to understand ourselves and our interactions with others better.

These 20 Inspirational Reflections for your life’s journey, guide and inspire us to become better people, to find our joy and inner peace and to help us to connect or reconnect to our true selves. Each reflection has come out of her own learning, growing and discovering who ‘Merelyn’ really is.

Be inspired today…………………

We can empower ourselves to live to our full potential simply by knowing who we really are………….
Merelyn Carter